My gear and tools

Here's a list of gear and tools I use on a daily basis. Inspired from


  1. Macbook Pro 2018 15inch. My daily driver
  2. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  3. Apple Watch series 6 44mm
  4. Two hp 24inch monitors
  5. Apple magic mouse 2, and Apple keyboard
  6. Airpods Pro
  7. CalDigit TS3 plus adapter.


  1. PyCharm and WebStorm from jetBrains
  2. Visual Studio Code
  3. iTerm2
  4. The awesome Vim editor
  5. LastPass
  6. Apple notes and reminders
  7. The awesome Notion, Microsoft Planner and Trello
  8. Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator and Photoshop)
  9. Figma
  10. Google workspace
  11. And a 1 person subscription to Apple Music.