My name is Osama Abulail and I’m a professional full-stack web applications developer.

I have 5+ years of experience building different custom web applications, CMS websites and other software development projects. I currently work as a software developer at NNU university in Palestine, where I develop university projects and websites to server different needs.

I got a degree in Computer Engineering from Najah National University and I have a professional full-stack application development experience, and especially in Python/Django, VueJS and ReactJS, Node and many other frameworks.

I know what it needs to build a good looking (Sass, Tailwind and Bootstrap) and interactive (ES6, React, Vue) application, using the latest tooling to build and bundle the application (Webpack, gulp). and deploy on different environments (Docker, CI/CD, AWS, Nginx) with the latest security measures (JWT, HTTPS, Cloudflare, …etc).

I can also build backing backend applications (Express, Django, DRF, Flask, …etc) with best practices, and hooked with database (Mysql, MongoDB) and caching (Redis, Memcached) software.

You're welcome to contact me over Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram. Or by email.